Any questions that you have regarding placing orders may be obtained from our main site Web-Shops.Net  Just click on the above Information link.  It will open a new window.  Get the information you want, then return to this page by closing the window.


Web-Shops.Net Shopping Cart

    If Shopping Cart does not display, click REFRESH on your browser.    
When making changes allow about 30 seconds for them to take effect. 
If  buttons do not appear next to items and no cart is shown at left, then Java is not enable on your browser.
    When you click on the "Checkout" button, you will be transferred to the secure area of the Web-Shops.Net site.  There you will be asked to provide name, address and other information.

Shopping Cart Not Working?
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Or give us a call on our Toll Free Number: 1-800-522-8281

Shopping Cart Instructions

   The buttons shown below are graphics only.  They do not work.  To make changes in
your shopping cart, use the buttons on the above applet.

button1.gif (224 bytes) Use the "+" key to increase the quantity of the selected item.
button2.gif (224 bytes) Use the "-" button to decrease the quantity of the selected item.  You can reduce the quantity to zero and the item will not be deleted from your list. This is helpful for working within a budget.
button3.gif (252 bytes) Use the "Remove" button to remove an item from your list.  Once an item has been removed, it can only be restored by going back to the original page and clicking on the Order button again, so use this with caution.
button4.gif (264 bytes) Once you are satisfied that the shopping cart contains exactly what you want - correct items, quantities, etc, then click the "Checkout" Button which will take you to the next step. 


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