Lockheed A-28, A-29 Hudson
     The Lockheed Hudson was the first American aircraft to be used operationally by the RAF during World War II. It was designed to meet a British requirement for a maritime patrol/navigational trainer aircraft. The first 200 aircraft arrived in England in February 1939, with about 1500 total procured before introduction of the Lend-Lease program. In USAAF service the various versions served as troop transports, bomber crew trainers, photo-reconnaissance aircraft, anti-submarine patrol aircraft, trainers for air gunners, and as a target tug. Twenty examples were used by the U.S. Navy as maritime patrol aircraft under the designation PBO-1. In all, over 2500 Hudsons were built, and many remained in service in a secondary role until the end of the war.

Lockheed A-28 Hudson Mk-1
Green camouflage.  From our Premier Series.  1/35th scale.  21.8" wingspan by 15.15" long.
  No. AEB6D-PR. Only $184.95
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