Northrop YF-23 Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF)
    The Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF) project was conceived in the early years of Reagan administration. It was pictured as being the aircraft which would replace the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle in USAF service.   Seven manufacturers responded to bid proposal.  On October 31, 1986, Lockheed and Northrop were announced as the winners and were awarded contracts for the Demonstration and Validation phase of the program. Each group was to build two flyable prototypes. The Lockheed-led team would build two YF-22A prototypes and the Northrop-led team would build two YF-23A prototypes.  
      The first YF-23A was shipped to Edwards AFB in California in 1989. It was rolled out at Edwards AFB in a public ceremony on June 22, 1990. 
Progress with the flight testing was rapid.  On April 23, 1991, the Air Force announced that the Lockheed group had won the demonstration/valuation phase of the ATF contest. Although detailed comparisons between the YF-22A and the YF-23A are still highly classified, the general consensus is that the YF-23A was the fastest, but the YF-23A was more maneuverable, had greater stealth, and presented fewer risks.  After extensive flight testing the YF-22 was selected for production.

YF-23 Advanced Fighter
From our Standard Series.  1/48th scale.  10.65" wingspan x 16.6" long.
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