Boeing C-32A Presidential Staff Planes
     Soon after VC-137B was assigned to President Kennedy, four other highly modified Boeing 707s were added to the presidential fleet. They had the same blue and white exterior design, but did not carry the presidential seal.  One of them often went with 26000, carrying secret service personnel, staff members and media reporters. They carried tail number 86971, 86972, 86973 and 86974, and remained in service for over forty years.  They were finally replaced by four new C-32A.  The first arrived at Andrews AFB, Maryland on June 19, 1998, and the second aircraft three days later. The remaining two C-32As arrived in November and December.  All are  operated by the 89th Airlift Wing, 
     The C-32A is a medium-sized twin-engine medium-to-long-range jetliner incorporating advanced technology for exceptional fuel efficiency, low noise levels, increased passenger comfort and top operating performance. The aircraft has seating for 45 passengers and 16 crewmembers. Five passengers can be seated in the stateroom, eight in the conference area, and 32 in the general seating area.  The vice president, heads of state and other decision-makers can conduct business anywhere around the world using improved telephones, satellites, television monitors, facsimiles, and copy machines. Additional equipment on the C-32As includes Tacan military navigation equipment, a military IFF transponder, a UHF satellite communications radio, secure voice and data transmission capability, and a passenger flight information display system that airs videos and broadcasts real-time global positioning on a moving world map. Increased storage was also a priority when the designer included large storage areas in the overhead bins in the cabin and the cargo compartments below. Like many high-standing aircraft it's easy to see under and around the C-32A an important security factor for protecting the plane and its passengers. Heading the safety equipment list is the Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) that gives advance warning of possible air crashes.

Boeing C-32A 
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