Boeing P-12 (Army) F-4B (Navy)
     The P-12 was one of the most successful American fighters produced between WW I and WW II. It was developed from prototypes built by the Boeing Airplane Company at their own expense. It was used by both the army (as the P-12) and the Navy (as the F4B).  It was produced in a basic version and five additional series, -B through -F. The basic P-12 and the -B, -C and -D series had fabric-covered fuselages of bolted aluminum tubing. The E and F models had fuselages that were all-metal, stressed skin construction.  All had wooden wings with fabric covering. The Army Air Corps received its first P-12 in Feb. 1929 and the last P-12F in May 1932. It was the last biplane fighter flown by the Army.  Some remained in service until 1941.  

Boeing P-12 (Army Air Service)
Premier Series.  1/21st scale.  17.5" wingspan x 12" long.
  No. ADA1D-AR.  Only $219.95

Boeing F4B (Navy)
Premier Series.  Same size as above.
  No. ADA1D-BR.  Only $219.95
Boeing P-12 (Army)
Deluxe Series.  1/20th scale.
18.15"wingspan x 12.25" long.
  No. ADA1D-DX.  Only $179.95
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