Grumman (G-1) FF-1 Fifi

    On 2 April 1931, the U.S. Navy issued a contract for an experimental fighter to be called the XFF-1 to Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation. This contract marked the beginning of a Navy/Grumman association that has endured to the present day.
First flown in 1931, the Grumman FF-1 (affectionately known as "Fifi )" was noteworthy for its innovative design characteristics that marked a great step forward in aircraft design - first fighter with retractable landing gear; an enclosed canopy for both cockpits; and, an all metal, stressed skin fuselage. The "Fifi" was of rugged design typical of all future Grumman aircraft. The single significant drawback to the FF-1 was its poor climb capability, taking six minutes to reach 10,000 feet.
     The FF-1s entered service with the fleet in June 1933 with delivery to VF-5B, the only squadron to ever operate them. They were withdrawn in November 1935 and relegated to reserve duties. A later model (FF-2) was configured as a trainer with the installation of dual controls and operated with Marine Reserves. By 1941 only two remained in service.

Grumman FF-1 "Fifi"
Deluxe Series.  1/24th scale. 17.75" wingspan x 12.25" long
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