Steerman PT-17 Kaydet
      Steerman biplanes were the primary primary trainers used by the United States during the late 1930s and World War II.  The PT-13 was powered by a Lycoming engine, the PT-17 featured a Continental engine and the PT-18 had a Jacobs engine.  All three planes appear identical.  A later version of the plane featured a cockpit canopy and was designated the PT-27.  A total of 10,346 Kaydets were ordered for the United States and its allies.  The planes were phased out following World War II in favor of modern planes.  They have been used extensively as stunt planes and crop dusters.

Steerman PT-17 - U.S. Navy # 180
Premier Series.  1/24th scale.  17.5" wingspan x 12" long.
  ADB2D-N1.  Only $194.95
Steerman PT-17 - US Navy # 59
Premier Series.  Same size as above.
  ADB2D-N2.  Only $194.95
Steerman PT-17 - US Army Air Corps
Premier Series.  Same size as above.
  ADB2D-AC.  Only $194.95
Steerman PT-17 - US Army
Standard Series.  Shown as left.
1/24th scale.  17.25" wingspan x 12.25" long
  No. ADB2D-ST.  Only $149.95 
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