Bregiet BRE19
  This airplane, a holder of numerous world records, made its maiden flight in March, 1922. The airplane was designed as a reconnaissance/bomber; and was, in fact, used by many other countries other than the French Aviation Militaire. The Breguet company ensured that the Breguet 19 remained in the headlines throughout the 1920s and early 1930s by developing a series of long-range or "Grand Raid" variants. Among many records, a Breguet established a world speed-over-distance record for France when, in May, 1929, the airplane covered a distance of 3,107 miles at an average speed of 116.88 mph. Another airplane was flown in two days from Le Bourget to Manchuria, landing on September 29, 1929, and establishing a world straight-line distance record of 4,912 miles; and in September, 1930, the same airplane, crewed by Costes and Bellonte, achieved the first nonstop Paris to New York flight. The Breguet Bre.19 A.2 was powered by one 450-hp Lorraine 12Ed inline piston engine, giving the airplane a maximum speed of 133 mph at sea level, service ceiling of 23,620 feet, and a range of 497 miles. Airplane armament was one fixed forward-firing 7.7-mm (303-caliber) synchronized Vickers machine gun and two 7.7-mm (303-caliber) Lewis machine guns on mounting in rear cockpit, plus provision for light bombs.

Breguet Bre-19
Premier Series.  1/33rd scale.  20.35" wingspan x 11.35" long.
  No. ADA5D-PR.  Only $219.95
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