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British Aircraft Corp - Sud Aviation Concorde
   In 1962, the British and French governments agreed to embark on one of the greatest adventures in the history of aviation.  They agreed to jointly undertake the development of a supersonic airliner.  The decision was influenced by the United States' development of a supersonic bomber, the B-70, as it was felt that the technology would soon be used for passenger planes.  The US had a big head start.  It's XB-70 made its first flight on September 21, 1964.  The first Concord, number 001, was flown by France on March 2, 1969, followed by the British, number 002, five weeks later.  Later in the year, 001 crashed the sound barrier.  Extensive testing followed.
       On June 17, 1975, the Concorde dramatically demonstrated its supersonic speed.  An Air France Concorde took off from Boston for Paris. At the same time a Boeing 747 left Paris for Boston.  When the two flights passed, the Concorde had covered 2,400 miles and the Jumbo Jet only 620.  The Concorde landed at Paris, spent an hour and eight minutes on the ground, then headed back to Boston.  It arrived eleven minutes before the 747.  It was an impressive feat, but U.S. airlines did not feel that the high purchase price and operating costs could be justified.  Eventually 20 Concorde went into service, all with Air France and British Overseas Airways.
     On July 25, 2000 the very first fatal accident involving a Concorde occurred with Concorde 203, F-BTSC out bound from Paris to New York. It crashed 60 seconds after take off after apparently suffering tire blow out that ruptured a fuel tank. This started a sequence of events that caused a fire which eventually cause engine failure and the crash.  All 109 persons (100 passengers and 9 crew) on board were killed. 4 people in a local hotel on the ground were also killed.  Twelve concords are still available to fly today, but the fleet has been grounded since the accident. 

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