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   In 1913, Allan and Malcolm Loughhead flew their first plane over San Francisco Bay and were soon in the airplane business.  The company they started was reorganized in 1926 and established as the Lockheed Corporation in 1932.  Amelia Earhart flew its new Lockheed Vega across the Atlantic.  It was only the second such non-stop flight - the first being the famous flight of Charles Lindberg - and the first by a woman.  The fight resulted in worldwide recognition.  
     Kelly Johnson came to work for Lockheed Aircraft Company in 1935 as Lockheed's 36th employee. This was probably the company's single smartest move in its entire history. He became the company's chief designer. When World War II broke out Lockheed supplied the U. S. armed forces and Allies with various aircraft, P-38 Lighting, Hudson Bomber, Model 14, Constellation, as well as B-17s as part of a consortium.  It became the fifth largest manufacturer of aircraft in the United States. The profits of these efforts allowed Lockheed to indulge in substantial research and development.  The contract for the first U. S. operational jet aircraft was the impetus for Lockheed management to allow Kelly to start a research and development department that became the now famous Skunk Works that developed everything from the U-2 spy plane to space vehicles.  Although the main thrust of the company has been toward highly advanced military aircraft, Lockheed also built passenger planes.
    In 1995, the Lockheed Corporation merged with the Martin Marietta Corporation to form the Lockheed-Martin Corporation.
     Although Lockheed is famous for its Skunk Works that produced such leading edge aircraft as the U-2 spy plane and the F-104 Star Fighter, shown above, the company has also produced some great commercial aircraft.
   L-10 Electra of 1934
   L-188 Turboprop Electra of 1957
   L-1010 Tristar jet of the mid 1960s
   L-1049 Super Constellation.  Regarded by many as the most beautiful airplane every built.
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