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Lockheed L188 Electra
    On December 6, 1957 the first prototype Electra was flown.  By that time already 144 orders had been placed by various airlines. But the turboprop, though more economical than the turbo jets, had already become second place to the new faster Jets that had come into their own. The L-188 was powered by the wing mounted Allison 501-D13 turboprop. The initial version, designated L-188A was first flown in commercial service by Eastern Airlines on January 12th, 1959, and by American Airlines on January 23rd of that same year. It was followed by the L-188C, with increased fuel capacity to offer greater range, and this type later entered service later in 1959. KLM was the only European customer to order the Electra. The majority of Electras were retired from first line service by 1975, but their economic operation and reliability meant most were retained on secondary duties of one sort or another. In 1958 the US Navy gave Lockheed the nod to replace the aging (ASW) antisubmarine warfare and maritime patrol aircraft. Lockheed's winning proposal was designated the . Named for the winter constellation of the mighty hunter, the Orion was actually derived from this famous Lockheed Electra civil airliner.

Lockheed L-188 Electra - Northwest Airlines
From our Premier Series.  1/86th scale.  14.25" wingspan x 14.15" long.
  No. AAL2D-NW.  Only $194.95
Lockheed L-188 Electra - America Airlines
Not shown.  Same design as in below photo.  From our Premier Series.  Same size as above.
  No. AAL2D-AM.  Only $194.95
Lockheed L-188 - American Air Lines
Standard Series.  1/72nd scale.
16.5" wingspan x 17.5" long.
  No. AAL2D-A2  Only $129.95
Lockheed L-188 - Eastern Air Lines
Standard Series.  1/72nd scale.
16.5" wingspan x 17.5" long.
  No. AAL2D-EA.  Only $129.95
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