Douglas DT-2 World Cruiser
  The DT-2 was redesigned as the basis for the Douglas World Cruiser (DWC) and was selected as part of a secret military project to build the first airplane to circumnavigate the globe. It marked Douglas' entry into long range passenger service.
     Douglas built five DWCs for the Aviation Service of the U.S. Army. Four of the planes, the Seattle, the Boston, the Chicago and the New Orleans, left Santa Monica, Calif., for Seattle, March 17, 1924, and left Seattle April 4. The Seattle was lost during a Pacific storm over Dutch Harbor, Alaska. The Boston made a forced landing in the mid-Atlantic.  The other two DWCs were kept flying with the help of 15 extra engines, 14 extra sets of floats and duplicates of all the airframe parts, stashed at various sites around the world. The Chicago and New Orleans circled the globe and returned to Seattle Sept. 28, 1924. They flew 27,553 miles in six months and six days and earned the company its motto "First Around the World - First the World Around."
     The fifth DWC was tested and delivered to the Army Air Service for test and approval. It was later renamed Boston II and used to replace the first Boston, and with the first Boston's crew, completed the flight around the world.   The 1924 round-the-world flight remains one of the truly great achievements in aviation. It was an incredibly arduous trek. The loss of two of the airplanes and the close call for Major Martin and Sgt. Harvey in the crash of the Seattle were hardly the only setbacks. Throughout the journey the crews prevailed against an endless series of forced landings, repairs, bad weather, and other mishaps that continually threatened the success of the flight. Further, it was a monumental logistical accomplishment. More than just an aviation milestone, the flight was an important step toward the goal of world-wide air transport in the decades to come.
   The Chicago was restored in 1971-1974 and moved into the new National Air and Space Museum building in 1976. Of the five Douglas World Cruisers built, the New Orleans is the only other survivor. It is in the collection of the United States Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio.

Douglas World Cruiser

Douglas World Cruiser
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