Mr. Mulligan DGA-6

      Ben Howard became one of America's premier aircraft designers and competitive pilots during the mid-1930s with a series of models carrying the DGA, or "Darn Good Aircraft," moniker. None was more famous than Mister Mulligan, the racing DGA-6.   New Orleans, La., based Weddell-Williams had dominated the American air racing scene in the early 1930s. Mister Mulligan broke their three-year winning streak by captured both the Bendix and Thompson trophies at the 1935 National Air Races. No other pilot or single aircraft achieved that feat in the same year. The Bendix Trophy was a cross-country race from the west coast to the site of the National Air Races in Cleveland, Ohio, and typically was the starting event of the week-long aviation festival. The Thompson Trophy was given to the winner of the unlimited division in close-course pylon racing at the National Air Races. n fact, the By the end of the week, Howard replaced W-W as the rising star of aviation by upsetting defending champion Turner in the Thompson race when he was forced out. It is on display at the Arkansas Air MuseumHoward's DGA-6 added the further distinction of being the only racer during the golden age of air shows to evolve into a successful commercial production aircraft, first as the DGA-8 & -9; then the DGA-11 & 12.  

Mister Mulligan
Deluxe Series model.  1/20th scale.  15.75" wingspan x 11.4" long.
 No. ABR8D-DX.  Only $159.95
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