Bell AH-1 Cobra, AH1W Super Cobra
   The AH-1W SuperCobra is the US Marine's attack helicopter. It's primary missions are fire support and security for forward and rear area forces, point target/anti-armor, anti-helicopter, armed escort, supporting arms control and coordination, point and limited area air defense from enemy fixed-wing aircraft, armed and visual reconnaissance.  AH-1W is a two-place, tandem-seat, twin-engine helicopter capable of land- or sea-based operations.
    In 1966, the DOD contracted with Bell Helicopter, Inc. (BHI) for 1,100 AH-1G aircraft, which logged more than 1 million flight hours in Vietnam. Subsequently, the USMC desired a twin engine AH-1G; thus, the SEA COBRA (AH-1J) was developed.  The Marines depend on attack helicopters to provide close-in fire support coordination in serial and ground escort operations. Such support is required during amphibious ship-to-shore movements and subsequent shore operations.
     The United States Marine Corps then identified a need for more armament, which was provided in the form of the AH1W.  It is supplied by Bell Helicopter Textron and entered service in 1985. The Marine Corps deployed 4 of its i6 active squadrons to Southwest Asia during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. These helicopters destroyed 97 tanks, 104 armored personnel carriers and vehicles, 16 bunkers and 2 antiaircraft artillery sites without the loss of any aircraft. 
AH-1W Super Cobra - US Marines.
Premier Series.  Loaded with weapons.  1/39th scale.  15.5" rotor spread x 16" long.
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AH-1G Cobra - Snake Gunship
Standard Series.  1/32nd scale
16" rotor spread x 15.75" long.
  No. AHA2D-S1.  Only $139.95
AH-1W Super Cobra
Standard Series.  1/32nd scale.
18" rotor spread x 17" long.
  No. AHA2D-S2.  Only $159.95
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