Kaman H-2 Seasprite
    In 1956, the US Navy set up a design competition for a new, high-speed, long-range multipurpose helicopter. The contest was won by the Kaman K-20, and the American company accordingly received a contract to build 12 aircraft designated HU2K-1. Trials were lengthy, partly on account of the number of innovations made to the aircraft, and the first models, designated UH-2A Seasprite, only went into service at the end of 1962.
     Originally it has single engine, but it was redesigned in 1964 with twin GET58-GE-8 turbines and the conversion was so successful that over 100 UH-2As and UH-2Bs were subsequently converted into UH-2Cs, whilst almost as many became HH-2Cs and HH-2Ds. The HH-2C was an armed and protected version, 12 of which were supplied to the US Navy for use on large destroyers. 


Kaman H-2 Seasprite
Premier Series.  1/34th scale.  14.5" rotor spread x 5.5" long.
  No. AHB3D-PR.  Only $209.95
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