Boeing CH-47 Chinook 
   The CH-47 is a twin-engine, tandem rotor helicopter designed for transportation of cargo, troops, and weapons during day, night, visual, and instrument conditions. Development of the medium lift Boeing Vertol (models 114 and 414) CH-47 Series Chinook began in 1956. Since then the effectiveness of the Chinook has been continually upgraded by successive product improvements, the CH-47A, CH-47B, CH-47C, and CH-47D. The amount of load a cargo helicopter can carry depends on the model, the fuel on board, the distance to be flown, and atmospheric conditions.
     The CH-47A, first delivered for use in Vietnam in 1962, primary mission was moving artillery, ammunition, personnel, and supplies on the battlefield. It also performs rescue, aeromedical, parachuting, aircraft recovery and special operations missions.  In 1963, the aircraft was formally designated as the Army’s standard medium transport helicopter. 350 were produced.  The B model introduced the Lycoming T55-L7C engine, a beefed up airframe and other improvements.  The CH-47C Chinook model increased the maximum cargo capacity to 20,000 pounds.
    In 1976, three CH-47s were stripped down to their basic airframes, then rebuilt with improved systems to provide three CH-47D prototypes. Improvements included upgraded power plants, rotor transmissions, integral lubrication and cooling for the transmission systems, and fiberglass rotor blades.  The CH-47D carries twice the load of a CH-47A and have improved performance. They can operate at night and in nearly all weather conditions. They are equipped with an air-to-air refueling probe. Other upgrades followed.
      During Desert Storm "the CH-47D was often the only mode of transportation to shift large numbers of personnel, equipment, and supplies rapidly over the vast area in which US forces operated. The cargo capacity and speed provided commanders and logisticians a capability unequalled by any Army in the world.   During operations in Bosnia, a Chinook company of 16 aircraft flew 2,222 hours, carried 3,348 passengers, and transported over 3.2 million pounds of cargo over a six month period. These numbers equate to carrying 112 infantry platoons, 545 HMMWVs, or 201 M198 Howitzers. 

CH-47 Chinook
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CH-47D Chinook
Standard Series.  1/48th scale.
15" rotor spread x 12.5" long
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