SH-2G (HU2K) Super Seasprite
      Kaman claims that it is "the most advanced integrated maritime weapon system available today."  Naval warfare is changes rapidly worldwide and new defense priorities and increasing budgetary pressures have shifted the focus from large ship engagements on the high seas to small ship operations on regional waters.  Missions now emphasize rapid deployment and multimission flexibility.  More and more, the helicopter of choice around the world is the SH-2G Super Seasprite.  The SH-2G is a fully integrated maritime multi-mission weapon system with anti-submarine, anti-surface over the horizon targeting, surveillance, troop transport, search and rescue, and utility features.  The SH-2G is the largest, most powerful small ship helicopter on the market today. 


SH-2G Super Seasprite
Standard Series.  1.40th scale.  14.15" rotor spread x 14" long.
  No. AHB5D-ST.  Only $169.95
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